We have a kitchen on site to help encourage our students to make healthier food choices by preparing their own meals.

Seasonal Feasts

Feasts are held four times a year with the change of each season.

Lunch and Learn

We provide one to two lunch-and-learns for our students while they are on-campus for the two weeks.  Lunch-and-learns are presentations of certain interest with topics such as Test Taking and Study Skills. Invite an organization to share what their organization offers.

Student Lounge

There is a student lounge on site for our students.  A cable television, telephone and fridge are there for student use.

Cultural Room

We have a culture room that is used by everyone here at OSHKI.  Our elder uses the room for weekly openings and closings.  She also uses the space for student healing circles, cultural teachings, etc.


Lockers are located across from the Niska Room. Students can obtain a locker through the Student Support Worker.  There are only a limited amount of lockers available and they are given out on a first come, first serve basis.

Food & Dining

Renco Family Foods is located in Centennial Square for groceries. We do encourage you to prepare your own meals on campus to alleviate expenses.

VictoriaVille Centre is located across the parking lot which includes a food court.

There are also food banks around the city of Thunder Bay.  For more information, please see the Student Support Worker.

Neigbourhood Restaurants

  • Blue Door Bistro
  • JJ’s Family Restaurant
  • New York Subway
  • Golden Wok Chinese & Vietnamese
  • Mandarin Chinese Restaurant


VictoriaVille Centre is located across the parking lot which includes a few shops.  In the Centennial Square there are a few stores as well. 


Barb’s Laundromat is walking distance, located on Victoria Ave.